True Independence

When you find a broker-dealer possessing a singular commitment to supporting and empowering your way of doing business, then you’ve found true independence. And that’s exactly what more than 1,500 financial advisors have discovered at FSC.

Helping You Thrive

We cultivate the spirit of independence through expert service, resources, and advanced tools that are designed to maximize profitability and exceed client expectations. We put ourselves in your shoes daily in order to develop the systems and resources that you require to make your practice thrive. And we take that a step further—we listen to what you have to say and make adjustments accordingly.

At FSC, we share your entrepreneurial spirit and embrace it from our senior management to a home-office team dedicated to seeing each advisor flourish. It’s why advisors love our highly flexible, ultra-liberating open-architecture approach that enables them to run their practices the way they see fit. We don’t pretend to know your business as well as you do—we just intend to come alongside and strengthen what you are already doing.

Taking the Long View

Many of the advisors we serve have partnered with us for decades, including third-generation members. We believe there’s a reason for that. It’s because we’re able to offer the resources of one of the largest networks of independent advisors, yet still maintain a small-firm, family feel. That’s not a platitude, it’s fact. We deliver strength, resources, and technology in the areas where you need power and then we complement that with a culture and principles that are real and just make common sense. We like to think it’s the best of both worlds.

If being a financial advisor is your career and not just a job, we invite you to consider FSC Securities. We’re here for the long haul and we have the means to back that up.

Significant Strengths

FSC, a member of the Advisor Group family, is truly advisor-centric. We have invested millions of dollars to develop the systems, technologies, support staff, compensation packages, and top-level leadership to help you excel. Beyond our outstanding service and extensive product list, we also offer additional benefits designed to make FSC Securities the ideal solution for your business. These include:

Business Growth Being independent never means being alone. From the minute you join our team, you have dedicated support from our Business Development Team that will introduce you to a vast range of tools designed to ramp up your practice.

Compensation & Recognition Our competitive payout structure is more than a marketing phrase. We sit down with you—without any obligation—and take a hard look at the numbers to see if a move to FSC is the right one for your situation.

Technology Solutions Our pro-business approach to technology has resulted in leading-edge, robust, adaptable, and flexible solutions that streamline account management activities to help get you where you need to be quickly and efficiently.

Marketing & Advertising We provide you with a broad range of marketing materials that are preapproved and proven to be effective, including customizable collateral and high-quality third-party newsletters.

Social Media Support We provide the tools you need to take advantage of Social Media to market yourself and your services. We also have resources dedicated to helping you create a Social Media strategy and better use these tools to build your business.

Fee-Based Services FSC’s next-generation advisory solution, the VISION2020 Wealth Management Platform, delivers integrated research, investment products, and the business tools you need to build and manage a fee-based business.

Case-Specific Consultation One of our unique features is case-specific consultation that ensures you can deliver optimal investment strategies for your most demanding clients. We bring together analysts and attorneys to partner with you and meet any challenge.

Education & Training FSC offers more than one thousand education and training opportunities every year. That’s testament to our commitment to help our advisors be on the front-edge of the financial services industry. On- and off-site classrooms give advisors the flexibility they need to take advantage of these offerings.

Compliance Partnership Helping you meet the industry’s complex and ever-evolving compliance requirements is a priority with FSC. We partner with you in managing risk and offer both online and in-person support.

Personalized Service

FSC takes its responsibility and commitment to advisors quite seriously. We leave no doubt about the support and services you’ll receive from us. To that end, in addition to competitive payouts, our broker-dealers offer a full range of support and solutions.

Because your workday doesn’t necessarily end when the sun goes down, we offer extended hours offering live and experienced telephone advisor services. You can operate with the confidence that we will respond quickly and appropriately to your needs. When we don’t have the answers at our fingertips, we will immediately mobilize as a team to find what you are looking for.

Resources Designed for Today

We don’t want to speak in generalities about our service and support, so let’s spell them out here. Among other more specific resources, you can expect:

  • A liberating open architecture approach that maximizes your flexibility and supports the way you want to do business
  • Training for your entire team on our advanced technology solutions that simplify the “business side” and strengthen the “client side”
  • A commitment to “paperless offices” that streamline work flow
  • Specialized business conferences to advance your knowledge and create supportive networks among advisors
  • Customizable, client-approved advertising and marketing materials
  • Coaching programs designed for immediate impact that give you the tools you need to significantly grow your business
  • Case-specific consultation to locate and present optimal investments for any client and any situation
  • An Online Registration Center to help on-board new advisors to your office easily and efficiently
  • Leveraged buying power on software and services with pre-arranged discounts
  • A focus on “your voice” through advisor-led committees that offer early input on important issues
  • ConnectED: perhaps the industry’s most impressive national educational conference, held annually with an invitation to all of our affiliated advisors

Transition Support

When you’ve reviewed all of the facts and made the decision to join FSC, we will do everything possible to ensure a seamless transition. Throughout the years, we’ve helped thousands of advisors like you successfully make this all-important change and, although it requires careful attention, it is easily accomplished.

To begin with, you’ll have the services of a team of transition professionals, including a dedicated transition liaison. These experts will work closely with you to thoroughly plan your transition process according to your unique requirements and needs and then will guide you through it every step of the way.

Four Easy Steps

Through our exclusive approach to onboarding, the experience is neither daunting nor time-consuming. In just four steps, you can easily transition your practice to FSC. In short, the process is as easy as this:

Step 1: Talk After some introductory conversations, we will start gathering information to make for a smooth transition. Our team will get to know your business and, through our online pre-registration forms, will determine how best to supervise and transition your business.

Step 2: Track Together we will create a customized game plan for your transition, give you a link for forms and registration, and provide you with dedicated assistance.

Step 3: Transition Our transition team will help move your book of business while providing training on key website tools and systems. Based on your GDC level, a liaison will also simultaneously submit your advertising pieces for initial review and input.

Step 4: Takeoff! In the final stage, our transition team reviews any outstanding issues and accounts not yet transferred. You will then be introduced to our service group that will be available for ongoing support and assistance.

Individual Office Support

FSC has even simplified the process for OSJ pre-hire review and affiliation by allowing you to complete the majority of your paperwork online, saving you time, and sparing you frustration. Through our Online Registration Center, incoming advisors create a personalized profile and complete the necessary forms on their own schedule because it’s designed to save progress and return at any time. Instant feedback is available throughout the process to ensure that you have our full support.

Feel Free to Express Yourself

Making a move is a big change. By providing us with a little information about you and your background, we can propose solutions customized for your situation. Please complete and submit the form below and we will be in touch very soon.

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